Quit smoking with KIWI: why? Because you can

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Putting out the last cigarette is hard, we know that. But with the right motivation and a good push, quitting smoking is definitely possible. We want to be that push. Tens of thousands of Italian smokers already choose KIWI over tobacco cigarettes, as shown by the wide size of our community

The hardest challenge in quitting smoking for vaping devices is the loss of the gestures and feelings associated with traditional cigarettes. Don’t worry, with KIWI everything will be smooth

The feeling of a cigarette shot

Smoking tobacco is a daily routine. Gestures, moments, sensations. It’s more of an ongoing habit which is just so hard to give up. KIWI is designed to faithfully replicate the feeling of a traditional cigarette. 

When we think about electronic cigarettes, we may think about large, bulky devices, unable to conceal the restore we are looking for. KIWI has a captivating Pod with an ergonomic shape, that reproduces the rite of smoking tobacco

One of KIWI’s most appreciated features is the vibration that warns you when you reach 20 puffs. In fact, one of the main concerns of tobacco smokers who want to switch to e-cigarettes is that they won’t know when to stop. The vibration allows you to keep control over your vaping experience in order to fully enjoy it

Don’t give up the feeling you love

Imagine that sensation of a cigarette between your lips, that’s hard to overcome for a tobacco smoker. Not every e-cig is able to give you that feeling. Don’t worry, KIWI has a solution: thanks to its soft Cotton Tips the touch of a closed cigarette shot is completely restored, so you won’t have to miss it

But, if you are in the mood for something new, try our polycarbonate filter, which will allow a much wider puff. One way or another, KIWI makes it easier to embrace the vaping adventure.