New horizons. Without limits New horizons. Without limits New horizons. Without limits
New horizons. Without limits
KIWI does not give off a bad smell and ash, while maintaining the senses.
New horizons. Without limits
KIWI can help you quit tobacco addiction, so it eliminates the risk of cigarettes while keeping your senses. As well as creating your own personal style.
New horizons. Without limits
KIWI does not burn or heat tobacco, so it eliminates the risks of cigarettes while preserving the sensations.
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Starter Kit
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Cotton tips for KIWI
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Here you can find all the information you need
about the KIWI project. After years of research
and field experience, we have finally developed
the best cig-feeling pod!
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Why choose KIWI™


The KIWI™ electronic cigarette was created from the need to offer a credible alternative for those who want to quit smoking, combining the benefits of the experience of using cigarettes and tobacco heaters, while reducing the risks.

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Choose KIWI Starter Kit and start your journey to a life without smoking!
  • Easy and intuitive
  • Choose between Cotton Tips and polycarbonate filters
  • Ergonomic silhouette and a premium aromatic yield to provide the highest satisfaction
  • The magnetic KIWI Powerbank charges and shields your KIWI Pen
  • The convenient soft touch replaces bulky stilts and buttons
Cotton Tips for KIWI™

Filters made of high quality pharmaceutical grade cotton.

The air channel is narrow and long, ensuring a 99% safe anti-drip and anti-condensation system

Cotton tips for KIWI
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Discover the KIWI vaporizer for yourself


If you are enjoying disposable e-cigarettes, you will love KIWI! KIWI gives you the opportunity to enjoy your favourite e-liquid without sticking to one flavour, as the possibilities are unlimited!
We must admit that our device could be called “better” as it is safer for our environment and the use is longer – almost infinite!

We are proud to be an Official Distributor of KIWI Vapor and introducing an amazing product to the public is a satisfanction and almost a mission for a better world!

After your first KIWI purchase, we are certain that that there is no going back – the feeling, the flavour, the smell, the quality and aesthetics are simply amazing. Your necessities – PODS, filters and e-liquids are available in specialised shops and your nearest gas stations. We have though a lot about the convenience and the satisfaction level we can provide to our customers and all vape lovers! – your Vape Baltic Store

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