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We are SIA GRIMEX, the official representative of KIWI Vapor in Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, Sweden, Poland, Russia, Belarus and Kazakhstan.

KIWI is a unique and innovative smoking device that allows people not only to give up traditional cigarettes without losing the feeling of a cigarette, but also to allow every KIWI smoker to adapt the device to their taste and style, choosing e-liquids with or without nicotine, varying colors, cotton filters and accessories.

KIWI is a product that will attract even the most ardent smokers, allowing them to replace traditional cigarettes without losing their usual feelings, while also saving money. KIWI offers a variety of device configurations, colors, parts and accessories to suit different budgets.

For Corporate / Bulk requirement of KIWI™ products please mail us at info@vapebaltic.com or fill the form: