KIWI™ is a registered trademark of Vapour International d.o.o.

If you are enjoying disposable e-cigarettes, you will love KIWI! KIWI gives you the opportunity to enjoy your favourite e-liquid without sticking to one flavour, as the possibilities are unlimited!
We must admit that our device could be called “better” as it is safer for our environment and the use is longer – almost infinite!
We are proud to be an Official Distributor of KIWI Vapor and introducing an amazing product to the public is a satisfanction and almost a mission for a better world!
After your first KIWI purchase, we are certain that that there is no going back – the feeling, the flavour, the smell, the quality and aesthetics are simply amazing. Your necessities – PODS, filters and e-liquids are available in specialised shops and your nearest gas stations. We have though a lot about the convienience and the satisfaction level we can provide to our customers and all vape lovers! – your Vape Shop

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